#13 -- glEeeek!

So this weekend I switched on the dark side and I watched all episodes of Glee. Oh God, I can't believe I used to make fun of my friends for watching it. 

Dear Glee,
I am sorry I laughed at you.
You are amazing.

Dear Puck,
I am not Jewish, but I am ok.
When you grow you hair back,
Please, give me a call.

So Yeah, it is amazing, now a soothing voice of Rachel Berry is in my iPad iPod Touch. 
Yes, I said iPad at first.
Because I want one ):
Don't tell me it's lame.
I am an Apple freak, whatever you say
I won't listen.

In school, we are finishing up with World War II. Today, my family and I had a talk about it because my gramma was 8 -years-old when the war started. We talked about it and she said that America brainwashed me. LOL, love you, too, Granny (:
She's leaving to Armenia in Thursday. Which is sad, because I might never see her again. And on Thursday there's an Open House at my Middle School. I have to be there :/ Eh.

Besides Glee, I am also obsessed with Benefit. You know, this cosmetic line that Macy*s sell? Yeah... especially their cover-up is good. It's called Hello, Flawless. The person who came up with such title must have a low self-esteem.  I have five of them...  Craiiizaigh.

My friend went to Taylor Swift concert on Friday. DAMN IT. I totally forgot about it. Back in December, I begged my mom to buy the tickets and i FORGOT, FOR-FRIGGIN'-GOT about it >.< The Staple Center was sold out. BIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT.... you got me :C

But it's ok, there's still Basketball going on. I am suppose to cheer for Los Angeles Lakers, but they are overrated. I like BOSTON CELTICS, BABY!!! They won the first game against Miami Heats. Imagine, 40 seconds left until the end of the game and friggin' Garnett, one of the best Celtics players, started a fight. Awesome, dumbass. Good thing that Celtics were ahead by 8 points and they managed to win, but Garnett is suspended for the second game, so unless Pierce will not get injured [AGAIN]  GOOD F-ING JOB, GARNETT, HEATS WILL WIN THAT ONE!!!!  So yeah. 

Sorry I didn't blog for so long. The life is going crazy right now. The Spring break is over, my grandma is leaving, there are a lot of tests in school, History class debate is coming up....

About History. So there are 2 people vs 2. Pro and Con. The girl who went to TS concert is my partner. We had to choose between May 14, 26, 27, June 7, 8 or 9th for our debate date. We wanted the first date because it is like best students in the class versus each other, so we wanted to get rid of this assignment as soon as possible. But teacher didn't want any problems so we had to pick a number and if we got ONE, we could choose the date first, if we got SIX, we chose last, which, basically, we get a left-over date. So Rachel, me friend and a girl who is PRO (I am CON. Oh, our topic is Teachers Merit Pay, You know, "compensation based on Student's Achievements), went to pick a Number, and she got NUMBER TWO. The guy who sits next to me went to pick the number. IDK if I told you about him. He always jokes around about me liking Celtics, so his usual greeting in History class in not HI, it is "What happened to Celtics last night???" My usual answers are usually sexually related to him or his face, so we get a lot of laughs. And I lend him my copy of The Book Thief. I must be crazy, but somehow I trust that guy. (Aaaaaand I hope he never sees this blog LOL). He is nice, he is cool. He is the one who got me into basketball. I remember, it was in February, and when Celtics played Lakers (Celtics won by 1 point), I greeted him with "What happened to Lakers last night, huh???". Yeah, that's how it started >.> . 

aaaaanyways, he chose the next number and he got NUMBER UNO, NUMBER ODIN, NUMBER UN, NUMBER ONE. We begged him and his teammates to choose any date except for May 14th so we could get it... Our teacher called one person from teams to write the date of debates. He went first. We anxiously waited. And, suddenly, my teacher glances at the paper, takes out his marker, and crosses a date on the board....

MAY 14
MAY 26
MAY 27

It became....
MAY 14
MAY 26
MAY 27

I felt stabbed in the back.
I mean, COME ON!!!!
But then he told me he didn't mean it... that he thought that number ONE meant THE FIRST date.
And, knowing him,
I am sure he didn't mean it.
But it hurt :((((
So yeah,
Rachel approached the paper
and it became 
MAY 14
MAY 26
MAY 27

The End. 
For now.
No promises.

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#12 -- Yeah, I just went there.

So Spring Los  Break is over ): Grrrreat.
Nothing big happened, except for trips to Pepperdine University. 
It wazh fun.
It is a nice place. I mean, look at that! That's a view from a classroom!
Amazzzzzze beans.
Click to enlarge or you're missing ooooout!

Anyways, back to my world. 
So we started school once again. After a week of sleeping at 3AM and waking up at 2PM I cannot bring myself to waking up at 6AM. I am sorry, I just can't ):
Hmmmm..... I didn't write letters in a while..

Dear Canon MP560,
Thanks for dying on me.
RIGHT when I was about to print out my essay.
Much appreciated.

Dear Mother Nature
You are making me believe in 2012 bullshit.
Your weather sucks my lollipops, I am not kidding.
First, you create a LOT of Earthquakes, and now you are crying on top of California.
It's a friggin' April already, can you bring a sunny and cute weather to LA???? 
Move your booty to CANADA and cry there.

Dear Boy who ruined my GUESS shoes,
just wanted to let you know,
I hate you.

Dear PE teacher,
If I failed my push up test first time,
AND the second time,
it DOES NOT mean I am going to pass it third time.

Dear LG,
Your phones SUCK!!!!
My LG XENON is officially DEAD.

Dear AT&T,
did you HAVE to include internet to Motorola Backflip?
Because your stupid decision does not allow me to get this beautiful phone.
My mommy ordered ANOTHER LG Xenon.
Thanks. Thank you so friggin' much.

Dear Justin Bieber,
Yes, I dissed you in my poem for English class.
With much love, 
you true fan.

Dish ish me poema, if you're wonderrring.
We were suppose to parody "This is just to say" by William Carlos Williams.
(LOL, William Williams)

I have destroyed
Your CD
That you were listening to
All day long

And which
You were probably
Very, very much.

I am sorry.
I could not bear
Hearing a boy
Telling me
One more time
About one less lonely girl.

Not really but ok.

Dear Elen,
get you head out of your arse and write that stupid poem already.
With much love,

Yeah, we're doing poems in my English Class.
 I suck at that :/
You see the poem about JB?
It was suppose to be

I have slept
with your fiancee
while you were in
your office,
working really hard.

You were probably
saving IT
for the marriage.
I am sorry.

She was all yours
and I took her away from you.
But damn boy
she was fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Didn't risk turning that in, but it brought some LOLz to my classmates.
I also need to write one. Actually I need to make a poem out of two following sentences.

I am returning this book about mystery over women which I borrowed ten days ago. 
Unfortunately, my wife wouldn't let me keep it.

So at first  I wrote 

I am returning:
 this book about mystery, "Over",
 which I borrowed.
 Ten days ago,
U n f o r t u n a t e l y, 
my wife wouldn't let me.
 Keep it.

It doesn't make sense! Nada sense! So I need to work on it.....
It is 11:30PM.
I should take a shower and go to sleep.
And in between, I should work on my poem.

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#11 -- Together We Cry.

Friggin' The Script
is addicting.
So Hi. I'm back. Things happened.
I took all my tests. Which is not so important.

First of all. 
My LG Xenon is still not ready! 
So my dad lent me his phone.
It is LG, too.
Today, I had only 5 dollars. I wanted to buy a mazagine.
It was between Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Elle.

I love Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift. So Vogue was out.
Cosmopolitan has pretty erotic articles.
So I went with Elle. 
Oh, Taylor...

I got new bed set.
It's really cute.

Few days ago I ordered a Notebook. A special Notebook.
And today I checked FedEx. It said that my order was delivered and is located on my front porch.
Nothing was there. Creeepy. I thought someone took it. So I forced my dad to come with me to check the mailbox.
I mean, you never know what kind of creepers there are in 11PM, right?
SO I was right. It was indeed in mailbox.
It's cute. I'll use it next year for Algebra II.
*click on image to enlarge*

Guess what also came in mail few days before.
My Borders Exclusive DVD!
It doesn't have deleted/extended scenes nor sneak peek on Eclipse.
But the necklase is sure awesomebeans!

I also tried dieting. I am 5'5 tall and I weight 120 pounds.  It is an OK weight for my body. But I've been hearing too many "OH you gain weight" from my family members. I SAY SCREW YOU, KTHANKSBYE. Anyways, I started 8 hours ago. I quitted 2 hours ago. So what I have a muffin top. I fit in a goddamn size 2 or Small for shirts, size 3 or 25 for pants.  You were sayin'? My mom actually made me stop. My cousin is taking us for lunch and then beach (!) and this week is Easter's week! So lots of food is promised. Besides, it is spring break! 

My usual routine for this Spring Break:
Wake Up at noon.
Watch TV.
 Go on Facebook. 
Get out of PJs. 
Go out. 
Come back.
Take Shower. 
Suddenly leave Shower. 
Stop Nosebleed. 
Continue shower. 
Go on Blogger. 

Yeah, I've been having a lot of Nosebleeds lately. And by lately, I mean every single day. That's so weird. Usually it happens while I take shower, but sometimes it happens in the middle of nowhere. I'm going to make a "Code Red" kit, I swear. I went to the doctor's, she said it is because I injured my nose so my nostril's blood nerve or whatever i close to the bone and when it thrusts on bone it starts bleeding. I'm pretty sure I got the story wrong, but I sure don't remember hitting my nose at all.
Oh, I got glasses.
They were suppose to be Ray Bans
but the store didn't have any RB's left :/
I got these instead.
I don't like the big ones that people wear lately. So I went original.
Note Edward on the side. SWOON.

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It is 12:10 AM, I am bored to death, and tomorrow I am staying home again. This is getting out of control. I need to get better as soon as possible, I mean, I don't want to spend my spring break home sick :/// But I know I must be back by Thursday. EH EH EH :<
I created a playlist. I called it Numero Uno. How smart of me. 
I'm trying to remember what I was planing to blog about. HUM.... 
Oh yeah, awesomepiece  Lady GaGa quotes.

"Some women choose to follow men and 
some women choose to follow their dreams.
 If you're wondering which way to go, remember that career 
will never wake up and tell you it doesn't fucking love you anymore."

"All that ever holds somebody back, I think, is fear. 
For a minute I had fear.
 [Then] I went into the [dressing] room and shot my fear in the face." 

"Well, that's your opinion, isn't it? 
And I'm not about to waste 
my time trying to change it." 

"Sometimes in life you don't always feel like a winner, 
but that doesn't mean you're not a winner, you want to be like yourself. 
I want my fans to know it's okay." 

"I'm a Free Bitch, Baby"

"They can't scare me, 
if I scare them first." 

"Peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no trouble, 
noise, or hard work.  It means to be in the midst of those things 
and still be calm in your heart." 

"Sexuality is half poison and half liberation. 
What’s the line? I don’t have a line. "

"Once you kill a cow, 
you gotta make a burger" 

 "Do you know the feeling,
when your heart is so hurt, 
that you could feel the blood dripping?"

"My grandmother is basically blind, 
but she can make out the lighter parts, like my skin and hair.
 She says, 'I can see you, because you have no pants on.' 
So I`ll continue to wear no pants so that my grandma can see me."

Do You Like Lady GaGa? I know I am gaga about Lady GaGa.

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#10 -- Shiver Shiver Shiver...

I'm currently reading Shiver
and I'm like
No. Srsly. 
I think compared to Twilight, this book is better.
It is kind of shorter and the print is larger.

Me lovin' it.
So anyways, the last time I was in school was Wednesday. Last week. So this is the fifth day of my sickness and third day of absence. Yeah, I didn't go to school on Thursday, Friday, and Today. Probably tomorrow, too. I need to go back to school on Wednesday. I have shitload of stuff to make up. And by "stuff" I mean History, and by "shitload" I mean 4 homeworks, 1 chapter quiz, and a map test.
But, amazingly, I can point out location of Hyderabad with closed eyes.
Somewhere in southeast of India. 
No, I did not google that. (:

So I'm sick. I think I have Mono. Probably got it from my cousin. Who got it from her roommate. Who got it from her boyfriend. Who got it from his lover. Who got it from a random guy in the party.

If you didn't read New Moon, you probably don't know what it is. Har har. I mean, remember, that's what Jacob "had" when he was transforming. If you read it, you know it as a disease transformed from kissing..
But it is also transformed from drinks, food, cigarettes,  and so on. Me-Cousin-Roommate got it from drinks/food. I sipped some Dr. Pepper from my cousin. She ate with her roommate's fork. Roommate-Boyfriend-Lover-Random Guy got it through kissing. 

Ehh ://
I had the most random nose-bleedings yesterday. Imagine, you wake up, and out of nowhere your blue pillow becomes red. (you can't bleed while you're asleep, so me body woke me up. Which is sad. I had a good dream). Or you sit in your comfortable office-chair, legs on the table, argue with your friend on facebook whenever Robert Pattinson is better than Daniel Radcliffe, and out of nowhere your white letters on your Macbook  keyboard become red. Icky, trust me. Today -- so far -- no accidents like that. 
Oh, back to the facebook argument. 
A little sneak-peek on what happened. It is 119 comments long, so I will save your time and just post from where Kendrick came in and then left. 

Yeeeeah..... we are crazy people out here in LA.

My mom just called me. She asked to turn on radio on 104.3FM. Her favorite song was playing. She said a guy and a girl are singing it, but she couldn't remember the lyrics and music.
She was talking about
by Justin Bieber and Ludacris.
Haha. Jay Kaaay!
She was talking about 
"I Need You Now"
by Lady Antebellum.

I also realized that I forgot to delete all numbers from our old phone that we returned back to Costco. That means some creeper might call us. EEEEK. 

Me: Mom, did you delete numbers from Phonebook before you returned out Home Phone?
Mom: .... O_O Oh, crap.

So yeah there you go. The tenth craziness of mine. Buh-Bye (:

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#9 -- I will always Remember You...

Have you seen 
Remember Me?

That movie with 
   Robert Pattinson????

I did.

I cannot spoil this to the only person who reads me.
Just... watch it...
It was amazing.

I cried. A lot. I've never cried so much in my entire life.
So much that my entire make up came off.
Thank God I was not wearing eyeliner/mascara.
Oh. My. God.

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#8 -- January 20th, 2010

Yes, I know today is March 19th, 2010. But tomorrow will be two months since my friend and I did something craizaigh! 
Oh, and I am in love with that "cut the post" thingie. It makes my page load faster and leaves more space on home page. Which is coolio.
I realized I spelled My Sister's Keeper wrong in "Favorite Books" section. I would change it, but I am too lazy to do it :////
New Moon is coming out in.... 20 minutes. Yes, it is 11:40pm. I'm awake. 
I spent the whole day napping/eating/reading/napping. My flu is killing me.  
WHOLY SHIZZZZLE!!!!! There was a SPIDER on my SHOULDER!!! DAMN! I think that bitch just bit me. OMG OMG OMG. Goddamn spiders who bite. Now I am paranoid ://///////////// Great. 
*UM.... WHY am I listening to Sweeney Todd's soundtrack? I need to get a life*
Oh, funny thing. You know how Borders rival with Barnes&Noble? And UPS rivals with FedEx? So, I ordered my books in B&N, and UPS shipped it. And now I ordered my New Moon DVD through Borders and it will come through FedEx. 

Borders and FedEx vs. B&N and UPS.
Har Har Har.
Get It? Get It?
No? ok...

Back to 01-20-10.
C-C-C-Click on the title!

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