#8 -- January 20th, 2010

Yes, I know today is March 19th, 2010. But tomorrow will be two months since my friend and I did something craizaigh! 
Oh, and I am in love with that "cut the post" thingie. It makes my page load faster and leaves more space on home page. Which is coolio.
I realized I spelled My Sister's Keeper wrong in "Favorite Books" section. I would change it, but I am too lazy to do it :////
New Moon is coming out in.... 20 minutes. Yes, it is 11:40pm. I'm awake. 
I spent the whole day napping/eating/reading/napping. My flu is killing me.  
WHOLY SHIZZZZLE!!!!! There was a SPIDER on my SHOULDER!!! DAMN! I think that bitch just bit me. OMG OMG OMG. Goddamn spiders who bite. Now I am paranoid ://///////////// Great. 
*UM.... WHY am I listening to Sweeney Todd's soundtrack? I need to get a life*
Oh, funny thing. You know how Borders rival with Barnes&Noble? And UPS rivals with FedEx? So, I ordered my books in B&N, and UPS shipped it. And now I ordered my New Moon DVD through Borders and it will come through FedEx. 

Borders and FedEx vs. B&N and UPS.
Har Har Har.
Get It? Get It?
No? ok...

Back to 01-20-10.
C-C-C-Click on the title!
So, January 20th, 2010.
2 days before my Birfffday. 
The weather in California was CRAZY!
Rain, Thunderstorm, Wind...
In other words, it was cold.
But sometimes the madness would stop.

It was afterschool time, the weather calmed down a little bit. I usually take my bag to school, but it was so cold that I took my black Jansport backpack out. The bell just rang so Manny and I decided to go to Jack In The Box. It is like 3 minutes away from my High School.So we left our stuff in our lockers and we went. To get to the Jack, you need to cross a street. Well, the street was floooooooded. Somehow, we jumped over the puddles, but my Steve Madden boots got wet a little bit.
And then something awful happened. 
So there was a white SUV driving on the street. Our walkway was right next to a freeway-entry. THAT....car.... drove by 80miles/hour, getting us ALL wet. But I jumped in front of Manny, so I got the worst of it. Yes, I am a cool friend who will jump in front of the flying water in order to protect a friend :D
After I cursed out the driver (which was hilarious), Manny thanked me million times and said she would do the same for me. YaYz (: We went on. By the time we got to Jack, we were wet as dogs :/ Anyways, we ordered our food and ate there. We left Jack an hour later. HO-LY Mother, weather COULD NOT get any worse than THAT.  It was raining like someone up there dropped their bucker of water or something; wind was strong, far ahead you could see lightning. 

So it was pretty much messed up weather. We walked back to school and, once again, some asshole decided to ride by as fast as he could. Since the rain only got stronger, puddles on the roads were ginormous, the water hit us really hard. Like a wave on the beach - it covered us from the tips of our heads to the bottom of our legs. The moment it was suppose to hit us, Manny jumped behind me, getting me all wet. AGAIN. 

Elen:                                  -______________-
So Yeah my Steve Madden shoes were ruined. 
RIP, Stevie :(
Back to the topic.
We walked to the crosswalk with no accidents. Then we looked on the road. 
We couldn't cross over! So we walked down the road, trying to find a place where we could actually cross over.

We didn't.
So we had to...

We chose the best possible place to do so. First to go was Manny. She jumped over....
And got me all Wet.

My shoes were ruined.
My clothes were all soaked.
My backpack was a pool for my school supplies.
My facial expression was -_________-'
I didn't have much to lose.
So I just walked over.

The puddle was knee-deep.......


I believe so.

It seems like a random/weird story, but it always brings smile to me  and Manny whenever we think about it. Ah, good times. The only thing I regret about that day is not leaving my phone and my iTouch in my locker. My phone broke down. Now, it is March 20, 2010. My phone have been getting repaired for two months. Hopefully, I will get it back soon.

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