#12 -- Yeah, I just went there.

So Spring Los  Break is over ): Grrrreat.
Nothing big happened, except for trips to Pepperdine University. 
It wazh fun.
It is a nice place. I mean, look at that! That's a view from a classroom!
Amazzzzzze beans.
Click to enlarge or you're missing ooooout!

Anyways, back to my world. 
So we started school once again. After a week of sleeping at 3AM and waking up at 2PM I cannot bring myself to waking up at 6AM. I am sorry, I just can't ):
Hmmmm..... I didn't write letters in a while..

Dear Canon MP560,
Thanks for dying on me.
RIGHT when I was about to print out my essay.
Much appreciated.

Dear Mother Nature
You are making me believe in 2012 bullshit.
Your weather sucks my lollipops, I am not kidding.
First, you create a LOT of Earthquakes, and now you are crying on top of California.
It's a friggin' April already, can you bring a sunny and cute weather to LA???? 
Move your booty to CANADA and cry there.

Dear Boy who ruined my GUESS shoes,
just wanted to let you know,
I hate you.

Dear PE teacher,
If I failed my push up test first time,
AND the second time,
it DOES NOT mean I am going to pass it third time.

Dear LG,
Your phones SUCK!!!!
My LG XENON is officially DEAD.

Dear AT&T,
did you HAVE to include internet to Motorola Backflip?
Because your stupid decision does not allow me to get this beautiful phone.
My mommy ordered ANOTHER LG Xenon.
Thanks. Thank you so friggin' much.

Dear Justin Bieber,
Yes, I dissed you in my poem for English class.
With much love, 
you true fan.

Dish ish me poema, if you're wonderrring.
We were suppose to parody "This is just to say" by William Carlos Williams.
(LOL, William Williams)

I have destroyed
Your CD
That you were listening to
All day long

And which
You were probably
Very, very much.

I am sorry.
I could not bear
Hearing a boy
Telling me
One more time
About one less lonely girl.

Not really but ok.

Dear Elen,
get you head out of your arse and write that stupid poem already.
With much love,

Yeah, we're doing poems in my English Class.
 I suck at that :/
You see the poem about JB?
It was suppose to be

I have slept
with your fiancee
while you were in
your office,
working really hard.

You were probably
saving IT
for the marriage.
I am sorry.

She was all yours
and I took her away from you.
But damn boy
she was fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Didn't risk turning that in, but it brought some LOLz to my classmates.
I also need to write one. Actually I need to make a poem out of two following sentences.

I am returning this book about mystery over women which I borrowed ten days ago. 
Unfortunately, my wife wouldn't let me keep it.

So at first  I wrote 

I am returning:
 this book about mystery, "Over",
 which I borrowed.
 Ten days ago,
U n f o r t u n a t e l y, 
my wife wouldn't let me.
 Keep it.

It doesn't make sense! Nada sense! So I need to work on it.....
It is 11:30PM.
I should take a shower and go to sleep.
And in between, I should work on my poem.

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