#13 -- glEeeek!

So this weekend I switched on the dark side and I watched all episodes of Glee. Oh God, I can't believe I used to make fun of my friends for watching it. 

Dear Glee,
I am sorry I laughed at you.
You are amazing.

Dear Puck,
I am not Jewish, but I am ok.
When you grow you hair back,
Please, give me a call.

So Yeah, it is amazing, now a soothing voice of Rachel Berry is in my iPad iPod Touch. 
Yes, I said iPad at first.
Because I want one ):
Don't tell me it's lame.
I am an Apple freak, whatever you say
I won't listen.

In school, we are finishing up with World War II. Today, my family and I had a talk about it because my gramma was 8 -years-old when the war started. We talked about it and she said that America brainwashed me. LOL, love you, too, Granny (:
She's leaving to Armenia in Thursday. Which is sad, because I might never see her again. And on Thursday there's an Open House at my Middle School. I have to be there :/ Eh.

Besides Glee, I am also obsessed with Benefit. You know, this cosmetic line that Macy*s sell? Yeah... especially their cover-up is good. It's called Hello, Flawless. The person who came up with such title must have a low self-esteem.  I have five of them...  Craiiizaigh.

My friend went to Taylor Swift concert on Friday. DAMN IT. I totally forgot about it. Back in December, I begged my mom to buy the tickets and i FORGOT, FOR-FRIGGIN'-GOT about it >.< The Staple Center was sold out. BIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT.... you got me :C

But it's ok, there's still Basketball going on. I am suppose to cheer for Los Angeles Lakers, but they are overrated. I like BOSTON CELTICS, BABY!!! They won the first game against Miami Heats. Imagine, 40 seconds left until the end of the game and friggin' Garnett, one of the best Celtics players, started a fight. Awesome, dumbass. Good thing that Celtics were ahead by 8 points and they managed to win, but Garnett is suspended for the second game, so unless Pierce will not get injured [AGAIN]  GOOD F-ING JOB, GARNETT, HEATS WILL WIN THAT ONE!!!!  So yeah. 

Sorry I didn't blog for so long. The life is going crazy right now. The Spring break is over, my grandma is leaving, there are a lot of tests in school, History class debate is coming up....

About History. So there are 2 people vs 2. Pro and Con. The girl who went to TS concert is my partner. We had to choose between May 14, 26, 27, June 7, 8 or 9th for our debate date. We wanted the first date because it is like best students in the class versus each other, so we wanted to get rid of this assignment as soon as possible. But teacher didn't want any problems so we had to pick a number and if we got ONE, we could choose the date first, if we got SIX, we chose last, which, basically, we get a left-over date. So Rachel, me friend and a girl who is PRO (I am CON. Oh, our topic is Teachers Merit Pay, You know, "compensation based on Student's Achievements), went to pick a Number, and she got NUMBER TWO. The guy who sits next to me went to pick the number. IDK if I told you about him. He always jokes around about me liking Celtics, so his usual greeting in History class in not HI, it is "What happened to Celtics last night???" My usual answers are usually sexually related to him or his face, so we get a lot of laughs. And I lend him my copy of The Book Thief. I must be crazy, but somehow I trust that guy. (Aaaaaand I hope he never sees this blog LOL). He is nice, he is cool. He is the one who got me into basketball. I remember, it was in February, and when Celtics played Lakers (Celtics won by 1 point), I greeted him with "What happened to Lakers last night, huh???". Yeah, that's how it started >.> . 

aaaaanyways, he chose the next number and he got NUMBER UNO, NUMBER ODIN, NUMBER UN, NUMBER ONE. We begged him and his teammates to choose any date except for May 14th so we could get it... Our teacher called one person from teams to write the date of debates. He went first. We anxiously waited. And, suddenly, my teacher glances at the paper, takes out his marker, and crosses a date on the board....

MAY 14
MAY 26
MAY 27

It became....
MAY 14
MAY 26
MAY 27

I felt stabbed in the back.
I mean, COME ON!!!!
But then he told me he didn't mean it... that he thought that number ONE meant THE FIRST date.
And, knowing him,
I am sure he didn't mean it.
But it hurt :((((
So yeah,
Rachel approached the paper
and it became 
MAY 14
MAY 26
MAY 27

The End. 
For now.
No promises.

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I'm glad you came over to the Gleeks. You are welcome here.

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