#11 -- Together We Cry.

Friggin' The Script
is addicting.
So Hi. I'm back. Things happened.
I took all my tests. Which is not so important.

First of all. 
My LG Xenon is still not ready! 
So my dad lent me his phone.
It is LG, too.
Today, I had only 5 dollars. I wanted to buy a mazagine.
It was between Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Elle.

I love Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift. So Vogue was out.
Cosmopolitan has pretty erotic articles.
So I went with Elle. 
Oh, Taylor...

I got new bed set.
It's really cute.

Few days ago I ordered a Notebook. A special Notebook.
And today I checked FedEx. It said that my order was delivered and is located on my front porch.
Nothing was there. Creeepy. I thought someone took it. So I forced my dad to come with me to check the mailbox.
I mean, you never know what kind of creepers there are in 11PM, right?
SO I was right. It was indeed in mailbox.
It's cute. I'll use it next year for Algebra II.
*click on image to enlarge*

Guess what also came in mail few days before.
My Borders Exclusive DVD!
It doesn't have deleted/extended scenes nor sneak peek on Eclipse.
But the necklase is sure awesomebeans!

I also tried dieting. I am 5'5 tall and I weight 120 pounds.  It is an OK weight for my body. But I've been hearing too many "OH you gain weight" from my family members. I SAY SCREW YOU, KTHANKSBYE. Anyways, I started 8 hours ago. I quitted 2 hours ago. So what I have a muffin top. I fit in a goddamn size 2 or Small for shirts, size 3 or 25 for pants.  You were sayin'? My mom actually made me stop. My cousin is taking us for lunch and then beach (!) and this week is Easter's week! So lots of food is promised. Besides, it is spring break! 

My usual routine for this Spring Break:
Wake Up at noon.
Watch TV.
 Go on Facebook. 
Get out of PJs. 
Go out. 
Come back.
Take Shower. 
Suddenly leave Shower. 
Stop Nosebleed. 
Continue shower. 
Go on Blogger. 

Yeah, I've been having a lot of Nosebleeds lately. And by lately, I mean every single day. That's so weird. Usually it happens while I take shower, but sometimes it happens in the middle of nowhere. I'm going to make a "Code Red" kit, I swear. I went to the doctor's, she said it is because I injured my nose so my nostril's blood nerve or whatever i close to the bone and when it thrusts on bone it starts bleeding. I'm pretty sure I got the story wrong, but I sure don't remember hitting my nose at all.
Oh, I got glasses.
They were suppose to be Ray Bans
but the store didn't have any RB's left :/
I got these instead.
I don't like the big ones that people wear lately. So I went original.
Note Edward on the side. SWOON.

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