#1 -- Let's talk about some music...

I know you want to.
For some time I cannot decide my favorite type of music. It can change from Evanescence to Taylor Swift to Linkin Park to Lady GaGa. (Yes, I am GaGa about Lady GaGa). Favorite Music: Miscellaneous. 
To choose my top songs, I asked my dear iTunes.

Most Played Songs:

1. Clair De Lune by Claude Debussy. (564)
I don't know why he's on top.
Maybe because I fall asleep under sweet sounds of his piano.

2. I See You by Leona Lewis.  (368)
C'mon, this song is the best Soundtrack song. EVER.

3. Should've Said No by Taylor Swift.    (207)
This is tricky. I probably accidentally left this song on repeat.

4. Morning After Dark by Timbaland.  (188)
What? This song is catchy.

5. Monster by Lady GaGa (167)
T-t-t-that Boy is a Monster (ma-ma-ma-ma)
That Boy is a Monsterrrrrr (ma-ma-ma-ma)
'Nough Said.

6. All The Right Moves by OneRepublic  (155)
Pretty Cool Song, amazeballs from OneRepublic for sure.

7. Your Hands Are Cold by Dario Marianelli   (139)
This song comes from Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. Amazing sound.
8. Fireflies  by Owl City (136)

9. Good Life by OneRepublic  (134)
Cute Song About life. ANOTHER Amazeballs from OneRepublic.

10. Up From the Ashes  by Groove Addicts (126)
Who did not see New Moon Trailer? Did you feel this rock of excitement
overwhelm you while watching it? Yup, this music does it.

11. Satellite Heart by Anya Marina (107)
Pretty cute/sad love song. I'm diggin' it.
12. 3 by Britney Spears (102)
One Two Three...
You and Me...

13. Paparazzi by Lady GaGa (99)
I just LOVE Lady GaGa, that's all (:

14. Solar Midnite by Lupe Fiasco (97)
Another awesomepiece from New Moon Soundtrack.
This song played during the movie night. In the movie. In another movie.
You know, the one that Bella/Taycob/What'shisface watched.

15. Marry Me, Bella by Alexandre Desplat (95)
Te helll. This list has too many New Moon Soundtrack songs.
How friggin' obsessed am I?
Time to go to Rehab.

16. Russian Roulette by Rihanna  (86)
Rihanna Chris Browned her first song of the Album.
Lovin' it.

17.Tik Tok by Ke$ha (80)
Ke$ha brings something new in this song. Something Lady Gaga-ish, you know?
GaGa knows how to dress fashionably, though.
Ke$ha sure dresses up like a hot drunk mess.

18.Empire State Of Mind by Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys (79)
When I will be living in New York,
I will go down the Road,
and sing Jay-Z's song.
(Hey! That Rhythms!)

19.Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo (77)
MMM Whatcha Saaaaay...

20.Boyfriend #2 by Pleasure P  (78)
Pretty catchy song with disturbing lyrics.
But Hey,the line  
Boyfriend #2, 'cause the first one doesn't really seems like he knows what to do
is EPIC.

21.Cave In by Owl City (76)
J'aime Owl City. A lot. This guy is a genius.

22.On the Wing by Owl City (75)
Beautiful song. Too bad its autotuned ;/

23.River Flows In You by Yiruma (73)
The times when Twilight didn't come out yet,
Oh, those torturous days,
People used to think that this is Bella's Lullaby.
I totally agree.

24.Forever by Drake Feat. Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem (65)
How Can You NOT love Drake AND Lil' Wayne in the Same Song????

25.BedRock by Young Money (62)
Let's just say,
I'm in love.

Least Played Song:
Lonely by Akon (0)
I don't know whenever to laugh or cry on this irony.

Anyways. I really REALLY love Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift, and Drake. 
So that's it for the first post.
Boring, I know.
But tomorrow our Mock Trial team will be taking a group picture for the Yearbook.
I hope I can get my hands on this picture.
Well, so far, Adios, amigos!
Time to do Spanish homework...

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