Elen's BACK?!

Why, Yes I ammm.
It's not that I meant to disappear... A vampire called "High School" sucked any possible trace of life that was left in my body.
That sounded awkward. Anyways, the point is, I missed out Major time. 

I missed Halloween.
then New Moon Premier.
then Thankgiving.
then Christmas.
then New Year.
then My Birthday.
then Valentine's Day.
Anyways, tomorrow is the first day of March! Yay! (?) the points is, I announce a Write-o-thon in my little world! All members of the nation (thus me) shall blog daily for the next month. But let's fill you in with what I've missed.

Hi. I'm brunette Alice.

I'm not thankful for this picture.

Must... keep... smiling...

New Year.
...I can't come up with anything to say.

'Cause When You're Fifteen...
Now. Slowly. Move away from the cake!

Valentine's Day.
This is how we do it. 
(That's what she said?)

James Monroe High School.
Mock Trial Team.
Second Place in County.
Lost to Louisville.
But Hey! We are sexy!
And We got more publicity than those blonde b*tches.
Sorry. NOT.

So Yeah this is basically it. And now you know what I look like.
Maybe one day I will tell you a great story about Mock Trial. Still hurts to think that we murdered 70 schools and we lost the final round to Catholic, All-Girls Private School.

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