I shall Rebel...

I decided to be a bad person.
Yeah, you heard meh
Good Girl Gone Bad
*turning on Rihanna's album*
please not that this post is filled with bored sarcasm.
What's the deal, you might ask?

1) I skipped school today because I am sick.
Yeah, that's right, I skipped school. Muahahahaha.

2) I skipped school on a Day of important test because my teacher
 said it is ok for me not to come since I have 128% in his class. 
Vocabulary tests in English class deserved worshipping and hating.
I find them quiet annoying. And I didn't study.

3) I am not dressing up for Halloween to School because Halloween is on Saturday.
Oh PUH-LEEEZ, dressing up is for lil' babies!
But I am SO going to Halloween Party! 
SAW 6 at 3 AM? 

4) I sent over 1, 000 text messages this month, causing my phone bill to blow up not because i have unlimited.
Let's do math. I KNOW, I hate it too, but join in on this one.
1 text = $ 0.30
1, 048 = $314. 40

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*~♥The Psychic 42♥~* said...

I'm glad to hear that you're still alive.
Whoa...you sent $300 worth of texts!!?!?!

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