Spirited Away...

ummm.... Hi.
Let's go in Order.
Today is Tuesday, October 27, 2009. Lots of things happened.
No, Melisa, I did not die, though I might if a stupid tree will fall on my head.
First of all, NEW MOON SOUNDTRACK came out. Well, everyone knows that. 
I found it pretty boring at first. Loved it later. ZOMG. AMAZING. Beaaauuuuutifuul.

Last Friday, Homecoming happened. I went to the Varsity Football  Game. 
We lost.
may I say
I spent most of my time talking to Frederick. Junior Varsity Football Player. 10th Grader. He wasn't playing since I accidentally smacked at him during PE class, causing him to break the left hand in JV for Homecoming. A guy who sits in front of me in P.E. Me chico amigo. Swoon. But it was cold, so I got sick. I didn't go to the Homecoming Dance (not that I was planning anyways) either, On Sunday we had Mock Trial Scrimmage. Didn't go. ME ISH SICK. AND GRUMPY. BWAH!!!

Monday, nothing happened.
Fast forward to Today.

So Los Angeles is ATTACKED by the strongest wind in the whole world!! So crazy!
Our Mock Trial team was in the courtroom, doing our stuff, then suddenly the light goes off, leaving whole place dark and scary! No one panicked, but it was freaky. Two minutes later, power came back and all cameras, mikes, lights, and laptop charges came to life.
 When we were leaving, an awful wind stroke again! Yeeeks! Imagine me, sick, with no jacket, outside of the school in crazy wind! All trash cans fell down, some trees broke off. Few large branches fell on the roads, causing traffics. 
But as it is not bad enough, Los Angeles is experiencing grey-outs. 
My neighborhood is unlucky to be the one without power or water, so I am at my Aunt's house. Sighing. 

Then tomorrow I am going to.....
Field Trip.
in LA's Downtown.
My history teacher is awesome! He arranged us a field trip to Renaissance Museum. The museum itself won't open until 12, so from 8 to 12 we will be the only peeps in there! Yupee! And then--
Oh no, please, stop me now
overwise I might not blog tomorrow at all!

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