Tommy Trojan

I can hear poor Tommy screaming:
"No, Elen, Don't!"
Like Bella screamed in Twilight:
"No, Edward, Don't!"

So, you ask, what a heck am I talking about?

High School will determine which college will I go. If you are effing smart, you win every competition- Helllooo Harvard! Well, I am smart, but not Harvard-smart. My now-only best friend is, though.

So I though about my options.

UC Berkeley.

And Many others.

Just in case, I am N O T going to UCLA.
Over my dead cold pale body!

So I thought hard about it and decided that even just for a joke I will send my applications to Stanford, Dartmouth, Harvard, etc. Maybe I will be lucky and one of them will actually want me. Another thing is that I really want to get in University that is close to my home, but is far at the same time. I want to get out of the town.

So there. I am staying true to USC, but with each day I feel less sure about this decision.
I will do whatever it takes to get in there and there always will be one small But on the way.

So, my dear Tommy, you can relax now. I am staying true to University of Southern California.

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