Story of the Day.

Something Amazing Happened
No, Kellan Lutz still didn't call me
which really sucks >_<
But what really happened
is much-much cooler.

So, today, as I did past 6 days or so, I logged in to and clicked on "New Post".
I didn't know what to write, so I decided to read new posts of people I follow first.

You see, I never thought that someone would read my blog, so I am being all whiny-whiny because I am frigging nervous about High School.

But today someone actually did read it.

And it made me feel totally-incredibly happy!
whom I started to follow because [most of the times] when I was clicking on my favorites from my profile, she would come out and her blog is totally funny and awesome (sorry, forgot to explain >_<>), made a post about her new follower and her new follower's blog.

Thank you,*~♥THE PSYCHIC 42♥~*! You made my day =)

So I was actually thinking about posting it in you comments, but it it pretty long so I didn't want to spam your comments.
But since you love comments, I will post something on your new post and any others that you will make. =)

So, first of all, thank you for a great quick review of my blog.
Second of all, thank you for nice words about my picture in titles. It was more of an experiment in Photoshop, anyways, I liked it and decided to keep it.
You title is also amazing. It caught my attention and so I got hooked and started to read your blog.

DId I annoy you yet? Well, my dear friend, get ready to be so.


T W I L I G H T: I think it is an amazing saga. I loved it since the day one and thanks to Twilight I got my first job (at school's library. Haha. I still have my award for "Excellence in Library Service. It is pretty and wooden ^_^). "Twilight" united many geek and popular people, totally making our school equal for a good long November.

I still remember my teacher wearing TEAM CULLEN baseball shirt on November 21, 2008. Good times, Gooood times.

I remember like it was Yesterday...
I heard about Twilight on Summer, 2008, when my sister and I were at the movie theater, waiting for The Dark Knight to start. There, I saw usual commercials that AMC always show and one of the screenshots (not trailers, just fast pictures with titles in white letters) for Upcoming Movies was Twilight's. My sister went on telling me about books, but I didn't really pay attention. I wanted to see the movie with the guy who died on my Birthday.
Later, on September, 2008, I saw the book with an apple cover in hands of every second girl at school. I got curious, I made a little research on Wikipedia and I found out that the book is called "Twilight" with that Cedrick Diggory guy that was in screenshot at the movie theater's commercial 2 months ago.
Next day, I ran to school's library, only to notice two 6 graders giggling and pointing on the book with an Apple Cover. Happily, I walked towards the librarian, Mr. B., and asked whenever I could check that book out. He said that I may, but I need ID card. Well, me is geek, so of course I had my ID!
Mr. B meant 2008-2009 ID.
Which no one had. Because the school year just started.
I asked him to put it on hold until I would get my new ID. He agreed. WIN!
Few days later I came to the library, holding the new ID. I saw other girls telling (no, begging) Mr. B to let them check something out. He gently refused, but I could swear he wanted to kill them. So, anyways, I walked towards Mr. B and asked for the Twilight book. He smiled and started to do the whole "scan ID -- scan Book -- scan through metal detector -- print the due date -- give the book to the person" procedure. Now you know how school library works.
In that moment I felt those begging girls' faces become red with anger. HA!
Little did I know that I owned $4.35 from the last year to the library. EPIC FAIL.
Stupid Pride and Prejudice overdue.
So, although those beggars got all happy, Mr. B led me to bring money next day and take the book, which totally killed beggars. ("Well, you wanted the book so badly that I decided to give you, because I knew you would bring money to get it. So, the library gets its money back, you get the book, everyone are happy", Mr. B explained later).
And so I did. Mr. B was nice enough to put copies of New Moon and Eclipse (the library did not have Breaking Dawn that times because Mr. B's daughter read the series and she warned him about material that may be not suitable for 6 Graders) away because he knew that I would like to read them, too, so he was telling everyone that he had only Twilight. Beggars didn't have to wait long because I brought Twilight back next day, and I was totally, irresistibly in love with Edward. So, after finishing up with Eclipse (and becoming Team Switzerland because even after the year I can't choose between Edward's Sexiness and Jacob's Hotness), Mr. B asked me to work for the library, which was totally and beyond awesomeness. Later on, my sister's friend led me borrow Breaking Dawn. So there's my story of becoming the Twi-Hard.

So my Twilight story is fully connected to the School's Library. I got my own copy of Twilight on the annual Fall Book fair, hosted right there. Later, my aunt bought me New Moon (special edition with washable tattoos and Eclipse's poster) and Eclipse for my Birthday. And later my mom bought me Breaking Dawn. Also I have the Host that I got as a thank-you present from Mr. B for helping him host annual Spring Book Fair. + I have the Movie on my Laptop and my Ipod, but that doesn't matter.
I re-read books from time to time, just to relax or remember some parts that I forget. Currently I read all books except for New Moon because of the upcoming movie (I want to enjoy it, not to compare to the novel. So I am trying to forget the book. Lil' Dumb, I know)

I wanted to go to the Midnight Premiere, but I had an important test to take =(.
BUT, I went to watch it November 21, 2008 at 5.00p.m. AND 7.40p.m.
I hope I will have a chance to go on New Moon's midnight release.
But I will go on Eclipse's for sure!!!

So yeah there you go =)

Thank you about 3 first posts. I was planning to do my whole blog like that, but it took pretty long time and I thought it is kinda weird. But still thanks =)

Yes, I did search for people with the same interests. You came up in few different searches so I decided to check your blog out. I LOVED the way you did your title, so I read few posts and I made a decision to follow you.
Your Blog looks awesome. Colors are bright and don't hurt eyes, which is incredible (some people use really bright colors. SO bright that I need to turn the Night Mode on my Mac just to read the heading,

It is cool that you also want to write and publish book. It takes a little time to think about the plot, but it takes a while to describe it and think about next step. xP kill meh.
I currently finished Chapter 1, but I am thinking about making it a little bit longer.

So, I think this is all that you asked me.

I thought about asking you some questions, too
But then I thought that I can read your blog. =)

So, I would like to apologize for such a long post
and thank for making my day.

Now, I will go sleep on the couch because I can swear I saw a spider running through my room.


*~♥The Psychic 42♥~* said...

Awww, thank you so much!!
You made my day too. And you're not annoying me.
Thanks about the layout too. I get them from Pyzam. Every week or two I switch it. When I get bored.
I am going to follow you too. I'm the first follower. Hee hee, I feel special.
Good Twilight story too. Mine is pretty long. I'll post it today. :D

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