#6 -- StupidStupidStupid

Dear World,
It is friggin' 90 degrees outside.
Why did you make me sick????

So, hi.
Today is St. Patrick's Day. Which is awesome. Because I am Boston Celtic's fan. Usually I get tons of jokes about that. Today, not a word. WTF is wrong with this world...
Tomorrow we have Vocabulary Test. I say SCREW YOU, SAT WORDS!!! I'm done with you.
In the past two days, the sophomores took CAHSEE exam. Califronia (CA) High School Exit Exam. So our Tuesday/Wednesday were weird. Although we, 9th graders, aren't suppose to do anything on CAHSEE days, we spent Our first two periods of each day writing an essay that L A U S D makes us write. I wrote 5 pages of bullshit. Srsly.
I'm exhausted. And I am depressed. Smartest kids in our school couldn't get into UCLA or other UC universities, so I am pretty sure I can kiss USC good-bye. Though a guy I know got into USC. He goes to other High School - Cleveland High. I probably should switch to Cleveland for 10th grade... Eh :// 
Daytime Saving = every students worst nightmare.
By the 3rd period, I am brain-dead. 
You know what's sad? Today my teacher told some people that she knows who will be who in the next Year's Mock Trial team. Guess whom she didn't mention?????? Yeah, uhuh..... F*ck. Such a waste of my time. I'm tired in any possible way. I am tired that teachers see me as a smart dummy. I am tired that they don't give me a chance. And that is all I'm asking for: a one little f*%&ing chance. Because if I have it, I will prove everyone wrong, that I can. But OH NO, they rather give it to smarter person.... Ugh, whatever. It killed my day. 
Today, our official grades were turned in. My math grade is actually A+++. I have 103.2%. Wow.... And I am still not fhreigsuhuirtegi smart enough for Mock Trial.
Ugh. Whatever.
So yeah, that's how my days were lately.
The weather is hot. So I wore shorts. Except for Tuesday - I felt too sick for that, so I wore jeans and Beatles hoodie. Zexy. And then today I made this guy's day.  I went into Spanish class and there was something written that I didn't get, and, since he sits behind me, I asked him what it meant. He looked at me with confused face and asked, "Aren't you smart??? You should know". I answered with "Aren't you half-Spanish??? YOU should know". Yeah, I didn't want to call him Mexican because he is not from Mexico and I wasn't sure where he is from in general, so I said "Spanish". How do you add here "UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGH"? Pretty much it seemed funny to him. Yeah, the right term for him is Half-Hispanic. Fail, Elen, you fail. It was funny, though. And then I pinched his best friend because he was not wearing green. Apparently, it was too hard. *that's what she said*. He had a need to pinch me back. Note to self: Do NOT pinch a basketball player. Ever. Again. Srsly.
My life is a whack. I hate it. And don't you tell me "it will get better". That's just a bullshit. Schools are factories: they produce future tax-payers. We all end our lives the same way - in a box underground. The End.

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