#5 -- Hardly Alice... Almost Alice... The Alice.

ZOMG I just came back from watching Alice in Wonderland.
I felt passion between Alice and Johnny Mad Hatter.
I was waiting for some smooches.
Didn't happen ://
Anyways, I'm in love with Mad Hatter.
's hat. 
Yes, I am in love with his sexy hat.
Anyways, I'm kind of hatin' Barnes and Noble. Today, I finally grew balls ordered my own paperback copy of The Book Thief and I ordered Shiver. It costed $21+, but with shipping and tax it became $28. When I ordered New Moon DVD, BORDERS charged only $2 for shipping/tax. asdfghjknbvcxz STUPID B&N. Eh, at least it will be here in less than 2 days, can give credit for that. 

Anyways, back to the topic.
This week was SO slow!!!! The slowest week EVER. P.E. becomes more and more unbearable. I hate playing basketball. Cannot believe a cheerleader I was guarding whooped my ass owned me. Ugh :// But at the same time I was not the only one who thought so. On our twice-a-week mile run, all girls walked in a single line. EPIC WIN. That was awesome beans.

We got our more-likely-to-be-in-report-card grades. 
I got an A in English. The Highest Grade in Class, baby!!! I am shocked. I beat a girl who gets a perfect -0 on every Vocabulary test. I always get from 2 wrongs to 5 wrongs. Out of ten. Yes, I have a poor vocabulary. I beat her by 2 percent. She has %110 and I have %112. YEEEEEEEEEEEEE BOOOOOOI!! Thank you, Reading Points (((:
Then it is History. I missed the first test of the semester, so I started with a fresh FAIL. Now I have a Perfecto B--- = 80.1%. Which is good. I will get an A on the next Report Card.  I got 100% on Map test. (we need to write location and actually spell it correctly). He took 5 points off. Why? Because I accidentally wrote 92% instead of 82% on the paper I corrected. Uqwertyunbgfdsazsxdcfvgbhjk :///
Then Science. I have no idea-- she never tells us.
Then Spanish. I hope its an A. I actually learned something in Spanish. My teacher is good, I am just slow with other languages. I barely know English, for God's sake. But it's ok. I am taking Russian language test on Monday. During 6th period. Which means I am not running a mile for PE (: Yay! But for Spanish it means I won't have to take it next year. Adios, Suckah Amigo!!!!!!!!
Then it's Algebra I. I want to be in Geometry with my friends, but I can't! Stupid system... Oh well. I have an A. Though I hatehatehate Parabolas!!!!! They give me a migraine. 
Then PE. I have an A. JUST KIDDDDDDING. I probably have a C. I hate PE. But the teacher is cool. 

Um... why is Beyonce's song is on??? *changes to "Your Song" from Moulin Rouge!*

I watched Moulin Rouge! few days ago. I love it. I loved the guy who plays Christian. He was amazing. I still don't like Nicole Kidman. 
Songs were amazing. I adore Lady Marmalade and Your Song. So cutiepie-ish. The movie is old but it kept me intrigued. Not like Mama Mia! I was going to fast-forward every song. But then I remembered I was in the movie theater. I watched Mama Mia! alone. That was pathetic, WTF was I thinking. And why does every musical have Exclamation Mark after the title? Keep it straight, people.

Yesterday was the First Round for the Speech&Debate State Qualifiers. 
It had A panel (which goes first) and B panel (which starts right after A panel). My friend forgot he was in both A and B panels. Idiot ^_^ I went to prep room and saw my dear friend. He graduated last year from Monroe and now coached some High School as part-time job. He was the smartest guy and always won in his S&D events, but since he was weak in Math he is now stuck in community college. He will transfer to UCLA, though. UCLA.... and he likes Los Angeles Lakers. Bleh.
Anyways, we talked while poor Kendrick prepared his speech on Tea Party and Republicans. 
We talked about Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, about Armenian Genocide bill, and some school. I'm sure you've heard about Armenian Genocide bill and stuff. Well, Here's my opinion: THEY AIN'T GOING TO PASS IT!!! You know why?? Congress does it from time to time: they pass the bill to make Armenia happy and then they reject it to keep Turkey satisfied. The End. 
He told me how once he needed a letter from a teacher to get a job. The letter was amazing, it talked about how he liked politics and how smart he was. It had a signature, name, everything. Except Mike's last name was misspelled every single time. The teacher wasn't there so he couldn't change it. And the letter was due. Har Har. 
*Just talked to Kendrick. Poor guy didn't qualify for States :( The judge said he used notes and dropped him to the last place when he actually had the piece of paper that they give with a question. You are allowed to have that with you. Stupid Judge. But it's okay, he qualified in his other event.*

I've been having a really crucial pain in my butt/leg.*googles Leg Anatomy* Pain in Gluteus Maximus and down from there. It is really annoying. I can't walk properly. F*ck.
I am going to finish The Amber Spyglass and start reading Emma by Jane Austen. Or Sense and Sensibility. I don't know yet, but I shall read some serious books. 

Hm.... what else happened this week?

Eclpise. Trailer.
Oh. My. God.
It looks good. and Victoria looks similar to THE Victoria. But like a younger version of hers. But Jacob looks wee-bit fat rather than buff. Edward looks lovely. BTW what happened to Esme's/Jasper's/Rosalie's hair?? How HARD is it to use THE SAME WIG for ALL movies??? Jasper makes impression of a gay man because he changes his hair WAAAAAY too much. Victoria looks like she got a friggin' plastic surgery. SRSLY people. Bella's hair look good, but, then again, it's a wig. Hollywood and Wigs. WoW.

So that's all for this week. I hope I caught up with everything that happened this week up 'till this second. G'night, 
Elen's out.

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