Have you ever...

...got friend-dumped because who you are?
Well, I just got.

You see, our Middle School never was perfect. "Popular" kids thought that they are the Gods of our school, and, although we had uniforms, it was all about how you dress, who are your parents, and how much attitude you show to the teacher. If you had all of it, you were "in". Oh, did I mention bad grades?

I never tried to fit in. I found it silly and I preferred to be who I am.

1). As always, it was All about grades. Sometimes I overdid and I learned more than I needed. It is a good thing to know stuff, right?
"U smart-ass..."

2). Do you like talking to people who you dislike? It is not my favorite thing to do, either... In Middle School, we had this girl. Her name I would like to keep private. She was so mean to everyone. You couldn't stop her. She was nice to people only when she needed something from them. Well, she did it to me. I fired back.
"... bitch...:

3). So, you are trying to make a conversation with your friend. Of course you would try to find something to talk about, right?
"complaining all the time.... annoying..."

"... I'm Sick of You..."
"... You piss me off to the point there I just want to say Fuck Off..."
"... You are not friends with me..."
"... You ARE a bitch..."
"... You were mean to me all the times..."
"... Stop the Mind Games... -
-You do it so much you don't even realize it..."
"...We Just Need A Little Break..."

That was all said by my friend...
My ex- best friend....

Why do I feel like I just got stabbed right in my heart?
I trusted this person for so long, and that's what I get...

Right Now is not the best time of my life. I barely can hold myself together. All what I ever needed is support. And that's what I get... from my best friend....

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