The Beginning


My name is Elen
Like Helen, but without H.
haha. Get it?

This is me.
Me is Armenian.
But me was born in Russia.
And me lives in USA.

So me doesn't really know who she is.

I have only two friends.
Two best friends.

So I like meeting new people.

I'm Smart!
No, Really.
I go to James Monroe High School.
Law & Government Magnet.
But I am just a freshman.

So that makes me 14 years old.
My birthday is January, 22.
The same day as Heath Ledger's death day.

My last name sounds like Safari.
Like Apple's Internet.
Which is a Good thing.
Because I am Mac.

This is my MacBook.
He is wearing purple cover.
Because i want it to stay clean.
You can't really see the apple through the cover.
So I Cullen-ized my Mac.

I am Twilight Fan.

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