My Friend.

Yesterday I promised to write about my friends. Unfortunately, we got stuck on freeway, making us get to USC around 7pm and get home after 10pm. For the first time in a while, I felt extremely tired. I fell asleep right when my head touched the pillow. Literally.

So let's go back to the title of this post. My friend. I have few friends. But I will tell you about one particular.

My bestbest friend is Aida.
She is the Harvard-smart girl.
We met each other on my first day of school and we didn't try to be friends. We just became.
Aida and I were newcomers. She joined Woodland Hills Academy during the 1st semester of 7th grade; I joined during 2nd semester. We both hated the fact of being in ESL (English Second Language) classes and we both had a great potential towards Math. Our paths divided a little during 8th Grade. Although we both got out of ESL, got into the same Honors Algebra and changed to the same Regular English class, she chose to join AVID program and I decided to join Leadership. Aida is an amazing friend with crazy personality. She is shy and sweet if you don't really know her; she is crazy and sarcastic if you do. When I first read Twilight and fall in love with Edward Cullen, she decided to show me how ridiculous I was by falling in love with Einstein. When we got our first free dress day (our school had uniforms), I wore Edward Shirt. She wore Einstein shirt.
Aida was a person who encouraged me to learn things. She was smart enough to enter Honor Science, Honor English (later on) and Honors Algebra (that we both had) after the year of being in USA. She didn't know English at all, but she learned and she pushed for her dreams. It paid off by so many awards that she got during Awards night.
When CST Tests were about to begin, Aida and I spent the whole day in Public Library studying. That experience was so unforgettable and fun (because we were high on Starbucks) that I managed to answer every question on the test. I still don't know results of the test, but when I was taking it, I felt that I was back in the Library, cracking my ass off because Aida couldn't pronounce Chinese Emperor's name right. I felt extremely confident because I had Aida with me.
Even when she moved from Valley, she chose to wake up at 5 AM and get to Woodland Hills. I think that when she was in danger of leaving we became even closer.
Graduation was sad moment. But Aida made me forget sadness. Apparently I managed to put my Eclipse poster in her bag without noticing that it is not mine. We both ran up the hill, trying to stop her mom from leaving with my poster. Hahaha. I almost broke my heels ^_^ Good times.
I saw her once during summer, but I talk to her 24/7 via email or texting. She is too great to lose her as a friend. And I am happy to have her as one.

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